Leadership Team

Executive Principal

Dr. L. Foley

Head of Secondary Phase

Mr. I Patterson

Head of Primary Phase

Ms. A. Moustafa

Assistant Principals

Mr. M. Riley

Ms. A. O’Toole

Ms. C. Marchant

Head of Inclusion

Ms. M. Sarkar (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead)





Ms. G. Winter - Reception Teacher

Ms. J. Husson - Reception Teacher

Year 1

Ms. N. Begum - Year 1 Teacher 

Primary Support Staff

 Ms. K. Kershaw - Teaching Assistant

Ms. D. White - Teaching Assistant



Ms. R. Westwood - Head of Year 7

Ms. S. Mawanda - Head of Year 8

Mr. J. Steel - Head of Year 9



Ms. S. Neal - Director of English

Ms. H. Begum - Teacher of English

Ms. O. Hanson - Teacher of English

Ms. R. Westwood - Teacher of English

Ms. A O'Toole - Assistant Principal

Dr. L. Foley - Executive Principal



Mr. J. Jackson - Head of Mathematics

Ms. G. Dang - Deputy Head of Mathematics

Mr. S. Hayhurst - Lead Practitioner of Mathematics

Ms. H. Patel - Teacher of Mathematics

Ms. C. Marchant - Assistant Principal



Mr. G. Duoblys - Director of Science

Mr. P. McSweeney - Teacher of Science

Ms. C. Gallagher - Teacher of Science

Ms. M. Rowe-Sampson - Teacher of Science

Mr. C. Rogerson - Teacher of Science



Ms. H. Cheesman - Director of Humanities

Ms. B. Goodwin - Lead Geography Teacher

Mr. J. Goundry - Lead Practitioner of History

Ms. B. Williams - Teacher of Humanities



Ms. K. Enticott - Teacher of PE  

Mr. M. Riley - Assistant Principal

Mr. C. Anderson - Sports Enrichment Officer



Ms. M. Drucker - Head of MFL

Ms. S. Yacoob - Teacher of MFL

Mr. I. Patterson - Head of Secondary



Mr. A. Kinnair - Director of Music and Creative Arts



Ms. S. Mawanda - Teacher of Drama


Art and Design

Mr. J. Steel - Teacher of Art and Design

Ms. R. Begum - Teacher of Art and Design


School Support Staff

Ms. E. Lowe - Pastoral Support

Ms. P. Millar - Family Support Worker 


School Operations Team

Mr. A. Green - Business Manager

Mrs. S. Wade MBE - PA and  Senior Administrator

Mr. S. Delaney - Librarian

Mr. L. Milton - IT Service Desk Manager

Mr. D. Chalker - Senior Site Manager

Mr. P. Kain - Premises Officer

Mr. T. Chalker - Premises Officer

Ms. K. Solanki - Senior Science Technician


Ms. C. Palazzo - Secondary Receptionist (Monday & Tuesday)

Mrs. S. Limby - Secondary Receptionist (Wednesday to Friday)

Ms. S. Morris - Primary Receptionist

Ms. B. Codrington - Cleaning operative