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Bobby Moore Academy

We celebrate the diversity of our community through our aspirational learning culture so that each individual can fulfil their potential.

Careers Guidance & Post 16

Careers Programme Aims

By the end of year 7 students will have an empowering understanding of what careers there are in the job market and what pathways they can take to move on to higher education. Students will develop a broad understanding of a range of different industries, salaries and what academic pathways they will need to follow to achieve these careers. They will begin to develop an understanding of how personal interests may contribute to their career choice, and how these personal interests will change over time and, along with them, their ideas about careers. 

By the end of year 8, students will have a strong understanding of their interests, with the help of Fast Tomato questionnaire and personal interests being related to potential career ideas. Year 8 will have to explore a range of industries, using labour market information that has been difficult for specific groups of students to access.  By doing so, we hope to play our part in tackling underrepresentation of women and BAME groups in particular sectors such as technology, medicine, engineering, architecture, construction, design, media and TV, in particular. Students will use Start Profile to develop a detailed understanding of each of the specified areas. 

By the end of the year 9, students will have developed a good understanding of the different options available to them for post 16 studies. Using the Fast Tomato questionnaire profile to support their understanding of their interests, students will use this information to decide on what pathway will be best for them. Students will develop an understanding of what apprenticeships, University Technical Colleges and universities offer. Using external providers such as Transformation Trust and Barclays Life Skills, year 9 students will participate in a range of PSHE lessons which will cover soft skills like leadership and teamwork. 

By the end of year 10, students will have developed a good understanding of a range of different skills that will be useful in the world of college, university and work. To support students in their practical development of soft skills, they will attend college and sixth form events, as well as selected university events to develop an understanding of the skills that are required to be successful candidates. Year 10 will have the opportunity to attend Skills London fair at the Excel centre. 

By the end of year 11, students will be fully equipped to start their sixth form or FE application process with the support of CV writing and application workshops. Students will have an additional opportunity to visit a university and hear from a selected employer. Students will be assigned a post 16 mentor who will support them, in conjunction with their form tutor and head of year, to apply for post 16 education or work. Their post 16 mentors will support them with interview practice, application preparation and making the most of the range of opportunities available to them. 

By the end of year 12, students will have a solid idea of the type post 18 education or work they will want to undertake. This will be developed through a comprehensive programme of university visits and selected events like the UCAS Fair 2022 and the National Apprenticeship Show. Students will develop a clearer understanding of Russell Group universities and have the opportunity to visit them. 

By the end of year 13, students will have received their offers for university or will be working on CVs for apprenticeships. Students will have additional opportunities to visit universities in and outside of London. 

Contact Information

Our lead for CEIAG is Marvin Riley (Assistant Principal). His role is to develop the Bobby Moore Academy CEIAG provision throughout the secondary to ensure all students make the best possible choices about their future careers. 

He is supported by DRET, Barclays Skills and the Careers Education Company to deliver the aims and outcomes of the CEIAG programme. Our aim is to ensure student have the best information and advice. 

Ways in which we will be delivering our programme:

  • Organising work experience (either virtually or physically) for year 10 students
  • Arrange option evenings in partnership with other educational establishments
  • Plan and organise career fairs
  • Deliver drop down days around the theme of careers and post 16 options.
  • Provide parents/carers with information about the services that are available to help students make effective learning and career decisions
  • Parents, please get in touch directly with Marvin Riley if you work in industries that you think our students would be interested in.
  • During KS4 students will receive one-to-one careers advice from a qualified careers advisors. 

If you have any questions or think you can support us with our careers provision please get in touch. 

A provider wishing to request access should contact:

Mr Marvin Riley
Assistant Principal

Telephone: 020 3146 8000

 Careers Policy

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