Online Learning

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I am writing to you in anticipation of the likely developments in relation to the government’s plans for a full return to school for all children in September 2020.


Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have sought to implement an effective distance learning programme for all of our pupils. We could not have done this without your support as parents, and we thank all those parents who have supported us throughout this period. 


In line with reports in national newspapers over the course of the past week, it would now appear unlikely that all pupils will make a full return to school in September. While we will await the details of this from the government, the most likely outcome is one where all pupils attend school on a part-time basis. This would mean that the current programme of online learning could continue in September.


As a result of this, we need to ask for further support in ensuring that pupils continue to develop good habits for online learning. As a school, we ask that all pupils:


  1. Attend morning registration at 8.40;
  2. Log in to all their lessons and watch all of the videos provided;
  3. Complete the work, including the quizzes, which are set by teachers.


In order to make learning more interactive, and to support children in completing this work, our teachers are recording instructional videos that feel like lessons. Every timetabled lesson will have an accompanying video. An easy way to check whether your child is engaging in their learning is to check whether they are watching these.


We know that a great number of pupils are already doing this, but we are aiming to ensure that all pupils access all of their learning throughout this time, and we need every parent’s continued support to ensure this. 


Finally, we do ask that if your circumstances have changed in any way, that you update your contact details on the ‘My Child At School’ app. Our staff have been working hard to remain in contact with all families during this period, and it is important that contact numbers are accurate so that our staff can continue with this. 


If you are experiencing any barriers which are preventing your child from accessing their online learning, we would ask that you email us at


Yours sincerely



Mr I Patterson

Head of Secondary