How to use Google Classroom

What is Google Classroom?

Google Classroom is a free online service created to allow schools to share learning resources with pupils. The service allows pupils to ask questions of teachers and receive a response. We will use this service in order to continue teaching if the school is unable to open. Instructions are below for pupils to follow.


Expectations of pupils (Secondary)

Pupils will need to be logged on to Google Classroom at the start of each lesson at 9am, 10am, 11.30am, 1.20pm and 2.20pm. The timetables are below for each year group. A subject teacher will upload the work for that lesson at the start of the lesson. Pupils should work in their subject specific exercise book. You can also access Google Classroom using a smartphone or tablet app.


How can pupils access Google Classroom at home? (Please see below for step by step images)

  1. Open Google Chrome or your internet browser (google chrome is recommended).
  2. Type the following address into the address bar, depending on your child's school phase.
  3. Log in using your school email and password.Image result for google login


  1. Check the sticker on your child’s planner. If they do not have a sticker, please email:

  1. Click on the tile that says Classroom. You might have to scroll to the bottom of the page.



  1. You may see a page with two buttons. Click the button which says ‘Go to Classroom’.
  2. If you are asked for your email, type [username] (e.g.
  3. If you have joined a class already, click the name of your class (or year group). If not, click the + button in the top right-hand corner and type one of the codes below:
    1. Year 1 -  s3fknpo
    2. Year 7 - gaowuhd
    3. Year 8 - tgfkafg
    4. Year 9 - 6so6bba
  4. Click Classwork.
  5. You will find the learning tasks here as well as the timetable for each day.

I Can't join a class or it's saying "request permission"

If you are unable to log in or if google is asking you to "request permission" please check that the correct username is logged into google. If you use a personal Google account on a device, it could be trying to log in using those details. please log out and follow the instructions above.

Click here for a quick guide on how to switch accounts.