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Bobby Moore Academy

We celebrate the diversity of our community through our aspirational learning culture so that each individual can fulfil their potential.

Our Academy

Vision and Values

Our vision is that the education we provide to our pupils is both emancipatory and empowering. We believe firmly that every pupil at Bobby Moore Academy has a birthright to a world class education, and that the end goal of education should be to furnish pupils with choice. This belief is founded upon an absolute conviction that each of our pupils has the capacity to become knowledgeable, articulate, compassionate and industrious young people. We are committed to the communities we serve, and encourage our pupils to think of themselves as future leaders within these communities.

With the David Ross Education Trust, we share four common values that permeate every aspect of our work.


Our pupils will be ambitious young people who are driven and entrepreneurial, fully focussed on realising their goals. They will be determined in their pursuit of knowledge, of joy, and of success. Our staff, likewise, will be determined to help our pupils achieve that success, communicating their relentless ambition for the pupils in our care.  In so doing, our ambition is to place Bobby Moore Academy among the best schools in the country.


Every one of our pupils aims high. We do not talk to them about limiting target grades, nor do we use the term ‘ability’ when we talk to them about their academic progress. At Bobby Moore Academy, we believe that effort and excellence are inextricably linked.  At Bobby Moore Academy, our pupils understand that aspiration is integral to improvement. We help our pupils to raise their aspirations through exposure to a highly academic curriculum, to co-curricular opportunities that broaden their worldview, and to a staff body who share a common belief that our pupils have limitless potential.


A transformative educational experience takes one out of oneself and into new experiences, some of which can be daunting. It is our vision that each of our pupils personifies courage, that they are not afraid to try new things, that they actively seek out new opportunities and challenges. Courage is also about not being afraid to make mistakes. With this in mind, we want our pupils to be courageous in their learning, to see mistakes and instances of failure as opportunities to learn and succeed. Finally, we want our pupils to be courageous enough to stand up for what they believe, to have the courage to be kind and the courage to do the right thing, even when nobody's watching.


The foundation of any successful community is the mutual respect displayed by and shared between its members. At Bobby Moore Academy, we want to inculcate in our pupils three kinds of respect: respect for others, respect for our communities, and respect for ourselves. We believe it is our duty to develop respectful young people who know how to conduct themselves in the world, and that we have a role to play alongside parents to ensure that this is a priority from the earliest stage in childhood. We will be kind, polite and thoughtful towards each other at all times and never seek to contribute to, or ignore, the unhappiness of others.




Mr. D. Botting

Head of Secondary Phase

Mr. I. Patterson

Head of Primary Phase

Ms. A. Moustafa

Assistant Principals


Mr. M. Riley

Dr. A. O’Toole

Mr J Steel

Mr J Goundry


Ms. H. Begum 

Director of Inclusion

Ms. M. Sarkar (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead)


Ms A Toor - Head of Year 7
Ms. R. Westwood - Head of Year 8
Ms. S. Mawanda - Head of Year 9
Ms G Dang - Head of Year 10

Primary Teaching


Ms. J. Husson - Reception Teacher

Year 1

Ms. N. Begum - Year 1 Teacher 

Year 2

Mr. J. Muldoon - Year 2 Teacher

Secondary Teaching


Ms. S. Neal - Director of English
Ms. H. Begum - Teacher of English
Ms. O. Hanson - Teacher of English
Ms. R. Westwood - Teacher of English
Mr. C. Wild - Teacher of English
Mr. J. Dallimore - Teacher of English
Ms. H. Perry - Teacher of English
Dr. A O'Toole - Assistant Principal 


Ms. G. Dang - Deputy Head of Mathematics
Ms. M. Bisaccia - Lead Practitioner of Maths
Ms. H. Patel - Teacher of Mathematics
Mr. K. Amaning - Teacher of Mathematics
Ms. S. Kowarthanan - Teacher of Mathematics
Mr. M. Rahman - Teacher of Mathematics
Mr. H. Ahmad - Teacher of Mathematics


Mr. G. Duoblys - Director of Science
Ms. J. Burns - Lead Teacher of Biology
Mr. A. Moore - Lead Teacher of Physics
Mr. P. McSweeney - Teacher of Science
Ms. C. Gallagher - Teacher of Science
Ms. M. Rowe-Sampson - Teacher of Science


Ms. H. Cheesman - Director of Humanities
Ms. B. Goodwin - Lead Geography Teacher
Ms. B. Williams - Teacher of Humanities
Mr J Goundry - Assistant Principal 


Ms. K. Enticott - Teacher of PE  
Ms A Toor - Teacher of PE
Mr. C. Anderson - Sports Enrichment Officer
Mr M. Riley - Assistant Principal


Ms. M. Drucker - Director of MFL
Ms. S. Yacoob - Teacher of MFL
Mr. I. Patterson - Head of Secondary 


Mr. A. Kinnair - Director of Music and Creative Arts


Ms. S. Mawanda - Teacher of Drama 

Art and Design

Ms. R. Begum - Teacher of Art and Design
Mr J. Steel - Assistant Principal  

Secondary Support 

Ms. P. Millar - Family Support Worker 
Ms S. Kaur - Admissions Officer
Ms I. Blanc - Attendance Officer 

Primary Support

Ms. K. Kershaw 
Ms. P Mindra
Ms. S. Daniels
Ms. N. Koya


Ms L Jackson - Academy Operations Manager
Mrs. S. Wade MBE - PA and  Senior Administrator
Mr. S. Delaney - Librarian
Mr. L. Milton - IT Service Desk Manager
Mr. B. Ditchburn - Site Supervisor
Mr. P. Kain - Premises Officer
Ms. K. Solanki - Senior Science Technician 

Ms. C. Palazzo - Secondary Receptionist (Monday & Tuesday)
Mrs. S. Limby - Secondary Receptionist (Wednesday to Friday)
Ms. S. Morris - Primary Receptionist
Ms. B. Codrington - Cleaning operative