Parent Information

We believe that a strong partnership with parents is extremely important.

Working in partnership with parents


Parents and carers can expect certain standards from the academy, and in return we ask that parents and carers support us with key policies.


Parents and carers can expect the academy to:


  • Provide an effective learning environment for all students
  • Give structured pastoral support to students throughout their time at the academy
  • Enable students to broaden their horizons through the provision of excellent opportunities
  • Respond promptly to expressions of concern or complaints


The academy can expect parents and carers to:


  • Support their child’s needs to learn by creating the right environment at home for enquiry and discovery
  • Enable their child to achieve full attendance
  • Encourage their children to promote academy values, such as caring for each other and wearing the uniform correctly


Pastoral Care


We make a commitment to get to know every one of our pupils and their families before they start with us. This will be achieved through visiting the pupils in their current school, inviting them and their families to open evenings and tours of the school and liaising closely with their current place of education.


All pupils will have a caring tutor within a house system to foster a culture of mutual respect and teamwork. Pupils will develop a sense of ownership, responsibility and pride in their school and their community and as part of this, all of our pupils will be given their first school uniform by the Trust.


Student attainment and reports


As the academy will open in September 2017,we are yet to be inspected by Ofsted. However, when we do have our first inspection, the report will be available on this section of the website.


Our Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 4 results will also be available here when our first set of pupils reach Year 6 and Year 11 respectively.


Our performance data as presented in the Department's School Performance Tables will become available here.