Welcome from the Executive Principal


I am delighted to welcome you to Bobby Moore Academy. The academy is a 4 to 18 all-through school in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, providing a world class education to the communities and young people of East London.

Dr. Lawrence Foley

Executive Principal

Our intake is mixed and comprehensive in nature, and our staff and student bodies are as diverse as the communities we serve. We opened our doors to our first Year 7 cohort in September 2017 and our first cohort of Reception pupils joined us in September 2018.  At capacity, our two sites will accommodate over 1500 pupils including a sixth form who will access a dedicated study centre. We currently have 508 pupils on roll in Reception, Year 1, Year 7, Year 8, Year 9. The academy, which is growing year on year, will reach full capacity in 2024.


Named after a local and national hero, Bobby Moore Academy seeks to cultivate in our pupils the very best attributes of a man who achieved something that nobody else has, before or since.  Hearing Sir Geoff Hurst speak of Bobby Moore at our grand opening in December 2018, it felt as though the virtues Moore displayed as a person and a player are exactly the kind of virtues we are looking to inculcate in our pupils: quick to learn; keen to take advice on board; composed under pressure; aware of his various roles and responsibilities; impeccably behaved and immaculately dressed at all times.

Bobby Moore Academy is a proud member of the David Ross Education Trust, a committed advocate of education as a vehicle for social justice. Our curriculum is highly academic and designed to prepare pupils for the very best universities at home and abroad. We emphasise the substantive, procedural and conceptual knowledge domains in each discipline, ensuring that our pupils are granted access to the great debates of humankind. We want our pupils to know, to question and to enquire.

We are fully committed to ensuring the highest academic credentials of our staff, who are experts in their subject areas and who, without exception, have the highest expectations of each and every one of our pupils.  We have created an academy that is renowned for its calm, orderly and purposeful environment and where pupils behave maturely and respectfully. At Bobby Moore Academy, we sweat the small stuff so that the big stuff doesn’t happen.  We believe that our pupils are here to learn, to make the most of their time with us and to ensure that, when they leave, they have the widest range of choices available to them. 

Our co-curricular programme is superb, taking full advantage of the excellent academic and sporting facilities we have at our disposal. From debating to decathlon, we have something for all interests and hope that, through exposure to such a wide range of options, our pupils will truly broaden their horizons. We boast a dedicated, on-site sports enrichment officer, who organises competitive fixtures and after school activities that all of our pupils are encouraged to attend.

We believe that a world class education is one that furnishes pupils with freedom: the freedom to think and the freedom to choose. Indeed, we support pupils in raising their aspirations by helping them understand the connection between their conduct and their character, their attitude and their attainment.  Our rules are simple, and we explain the rationale of these to pupils so that they are fully conscious of the reasoning behind the decisions we make. This is a caring place, where our empathy and compassion is expressed in the high expectations we have of each and every pupil in our care. As we tell our pupils, our high expectations are the clearest reflection of the high hopes we have for their futures.

Like our pupils, our staff are constantly looking to improve and hone their practice. We have dedicated staff development time each week, ensuring that our teaching staff are exposed to the very best in evidence-informed pedagogy. The academy has first class facilities across both sites with specialist teaching spaces and a gym for staff and sixth form. Situated in the shadow of the Olympic Stadium, ours is an inspirational setting.

We are very excited by what we have achieved so far and new staff and pupils will be joining a school with a clear ethos, where local children are provided with a first class education.  Having grown up in Stratford, this is a community in which I have both a personal and professional investment.  Alongside our governors and trustees, we are intent on building a school that will match the very best in both the state and private sectors.

We look forward to keeping you regularly updated on our development in the months and years ahead. We warmly encourage visits to the academy and operate an open door policy to prospective parents and staff. To arrange a visit, please email BMAenquiries@bobbymooreacademy.co.uk

Dr. Lawrence Foley

Executive Principal