My Child At School

Dear Parent/Carer,


Bobby Moore Academy will soon be introducing a new secure, online parental/carer engagement system/portal tool called 'My Child at School' (MCAS).


We are changing systems because the MyEd app does not allow us to provide the level of data and information that parents and pupils should be able to access at any time.


MCAS is an online system that allows you to view your child’s performance and information, and also allows for better communication. This system can be accessed via a web browser, or via a mobile app whichcan be downloaded onto an Android or Apple mobile device.


There is no cost to parent/carers to use this service.


In this first phase MCAS will provide the following features:


Access Attendance, Achievement and Behavioural data
Termly reports and other documentation
Parents Evening booking
Student timetables
Exam timetables
School Calendar
School Announcements
Communication facility to improve contact between parents and school


We will shortly be sending logon details for MCAS to the primary parent/carer of pupils.  After this is completed, we will be able to create accounts for other contacts as long as they have parental responsibility for the pupil.  Once the logon details for MCAS have been sent out, we shall be withdrawing support and updates for MyEd, our existing parent communication system, so please discontinue using MyEd after you have received your MCAS account details.




Your faithfully,



Dr. L. Foley